So! I’ve been on holidays from study for the last couple months, and been busy with the kids and work and farm life etc.
Happy to report i passed my first two design subjects by the skin of my nose haha.
I really need to devote more energy to the course this time around, especially considering how expensive it is!!!
Finally bought myself some paints and canvas and have started painting again.
I’m looking forward to the new semester of my design course which starts in 2 weeks!
Although I was seriously considering homeschooling for real this time, the boys were keen to go back to school. I guess the fact they had about 2 playdates the whole 6 week holiday (and that was only cause I’m friends with the kids mum) may have influenced their decision. It can get pretty lonely up here with no family or many friends.
All in all i can safely say 2018 has been way better than last year and its shaping up to be an amazing year all round.
right now I’m focused on manifesting a new laptop and desktop and tools for graphic design and continued heath for my family.

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