For a person so obsessed with slides/slippers, it’s tragic my kids only have a couple pairs!

They are actually quite hard to find cool designs in little kid sizes. So I was super stoked when our fave store nooshi mou stocked these slides from freedom Moses.

How extra excited was I to find out the label was born in my adopted home land of Israel! There is a seriously cool designer scene emerging out of that incredible country.

fun fact; Jordans name in hebrew is pronounced Yar’den!


slides from Nooshi Mou

socks from Lifewear

shirt from Melbourne label Wild Warriors

shorts from Sydney label Youth label

I love love love socks and slides! What about you, do you rock the look or get your kids in on it?

More about the amazing slides!

The FREEDOM slippers are made from PCU, a superior grade of sustainable, eco-friendly plastic injected with air. This unique combination of materials creates a durable and ultra comfortable walking experience.

The FREEDOM slippers are washable, just grab a sponge and some regular soap and you’re good to go.
The FREEDOM slippers smell of milk & honey & they will not make your feet stink.
The FREEDOM slippers are also Animal friendly- meaning no animal testing or use of any animal parts in our production process.
The FREEDOM slippers are produced in socially compliant factories in the P.R.C.

Have a look at the range and tell me whats your favourite colour way?

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