Would you rather; have smoothies for the rest of your life or have coffee for the rest of your life?

I hope I’m never asked to make this decision, but I feel like I would opt for the smoothies. I think I could live on smoothies and their new counterpart, smoothie bowls quite happily !

For this smoothie I’ve used fresh chilled bananas, hemp seeds, almond milk yogurt and a little soy milk only because I ran out of almond and coconut milks! Ive also added a little something extra, medicinal superfood blend from Superfeast. This jar contains the Schizandra blend from superfeast. Wu Wei Zi or the five flavoured berry, is also know as the oriental beauty berry.  Its been used by ancient Chinese to preserve youthfulness, enhance physical radiance, boost sexual desire and as a potent reproductive tonic. This nourishing adaptogenic herb balances the nervous system, improves brain function, elevates immunity & supports all five major organs.

Schizandra has significant protective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, helping maintain healthy cells throughout the body. It is considered one of the most highly protective of all medicinal plants, and the berry is included in many traditional herbal formulas for improving energy and mental health. Schisandra berry demonstrates significant adaptogenic activity.  As an adaptogen, Schisandra is a potent general tonic, decreasing fatigue, enhancing physical performance, and promoting endurance. The berry counters stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the blood. 

Schisandra has proven to hold many unique benefits for the mind. There have already been scientific human studies to show how the extract improves concentration, coordination and endurance. 

One of the main reasons I use Schisandra is for the liver-protective benefits. Our liver is the organ that becomes the most stressed when taking  synthetic hormones, so it’s important to support the liver function and assist in detoxification.  If you are taking hormonal contraceptives, have recently stopped or plan to, supplementing with Schisandra could be very beneficial. This extract had been proven to assist in hepatitis treatment and in fact is the source of a pharmaceutical drug to treat hepatitis c.

 I would highly recommend booking a consultation with myself or a trusted practitioner to discuss how best to support you to optimum health.

You can purchase this amazing berry, and so much more  at https://www.superfeast.com.au

Source http://www.medicinehunter.com/schisandra

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